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Debora Wayne, painter, artist in glass, creates unusual Glass Wall Art and Modern Abstract Paintings through an incredible blending of intuition and artistic skill. Influenced by nature, world architecture and ancient Italian artforms, she creates mesmerizing Glass Wall Art and inspiring Largescale "Sculptural" Paintings which have become sought after worldwide.

Her years of experience working with Interior Designers, Art Consultants, and Architects have resulted in numerous Custom Art Commissions for private and corporate collections, including Princess Cruiselines, HGTV"s Designer Challenge, Boston Children's Hospital, Shea Commercial, and Bank USA, to name just a few. In addition, Debora's work may be found represented by numerous prestigious Fine Art Galleries throughout the United States.

Specializing in creating a desired "mood" within a Commercial or Residential environment, Debora's unique designs continually affect people and space in positive ways.

Critics have described her work as 'rich, sophisticated, and timelessly elegant.' To Debora, it is simply a visual expression of her joyous spirit.